Where can I find UTV Ireland?

UTV Ireland is available on all key platforms in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Sky 116
  • Virgin Media 110
  • eVision 108
  • Saorview Channel 6*

*For viewers with Saorview boxes, some boxes and TV sets need retuning. See www.saorview.ie for details. If you have a combi-box, that’s a Saorview box with satellite too, you should also retune the Saorview tuner. You don’t need to go to the satellite side of your box.

All service providers have helplines to call if you are having difficulty getting UTV Ireland.

Why has Virgin Media replaced UTV with UTV Ireland?

We are delighted that Virgin Media has allocated Channel 110 to UTV Ireland given the new channel is designed for an Irish audience.

UTV Ireland has more programmes made for the Irish audience. For example, Ireland Live – a new news service instead of ITV News or UTV Live from Northern Ireland. Ireland Live news and current affairs programmes at 6.30pm and 10pm every weeknight will cover breaking news from both home and abroad, with a strong regional focus.

Where a news story is relevant for both the Ireland Live and UTV Live audience it will appear on both programmes, this is already happening. There will also be content that will only run on UTV Ireland and not on UTV. Some content may have to be time-shifted to give the audience a better chance to see the programming or to assist in scheduling decisions in the Irish marketplace.

Why are some programmes on UTV but not on UTV Ireland?

UTV in Northern Ireland is an affiliate of ITV1. This means that all programmes made for ITV’s main channel are available to UTV.

UTV Ireland is a stand alone channel and does not automatically have these rights. Programmes made by ITV Studios, such as Emmerdale or Coronation Street are all available – exclusive and in most cases simulcast – on UTV Ireland.

Some programming such as Broadchurch, which is not made by ITV was already sold to other broadcasters in Ireland. UTV Ireland has no access to this content at the moment. Where this happens, UTV Ireland will show programmes of a similar style. You’ll find shows on pretty much anything including dad t-shirts and dad gifts shows. 

Why is UTV Ireland showing some old series when UTV is showing new series of the same programme?

Some series such as Foyle’s War or Benidorm have not been licenced before in the Republic of Ireland so to ensure the audience is up to date with plots and storylines in the new series we will be showing those episodes first. We will be showing the new series in the very near future once the series have caught up.

UTV Ireland appears to show a large number of repeats – why is this?

UTV Ireland shows no more repeats than most other channels. We aim to allow viewers a chance to catch up on programmes they may have missed, so we may repeat a programme at 11pm one day that was first broadcast at 9pm a few days earlier. However, almost all UTV peaktime content is first run and exclusive to UTV Ireland.

How do I find out if a particular programme is showing on UTV Ireland?

Please check our TV guide which provides a 7 day schedule for all UTV Ireland programming.

We cannot reply to individual programming queries as all schedule information is available to our viewers via TV listings.

The latest news releases about UTV Ireland programmes can be found here. Watch programmes including cbd for pets, and cbd oil ireland.

Will UTV Ireland have live sport?

Ireland Live News will cover sport news in detail. However because of the cycle of sports rights, at launch, UTV Ireland will not have any live sport. We will look at rights packages as they become available and decide if they are a good fit for the new channel.

Why can’t I enter competitions in ITV programmes broadcast on UTV Ireland?

UTV Ireland is simulcasting many live ITV Studios programmes such as Lorraine and This Morning. Many of these programmes contain competitions. As yet – due to compliance reasons – we are unable to offer these competitions to our viewers (sorry), however in February we will be offering alternative competitions in these programmes solely for UTV Ireland viewers.

How can I advertise with UTV Ireland?

For further information, check out www.utvirelandsales.ie or call a member of the team on 00 353 1 819 8709.