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Nolan Motors is a well-established car service center located in Balbriggan, North County Dublin. Renowned for its comprehensive and high-quality automotive services, Nolan Motors has earned a reputation as a leading independent car service provider in the greater Dublin and Fingal areas. The garage offers a wide array of services, ranging from routine maintenance to complex repairs, ensuring that vehicles of all makes and models, including electric and hybrid cars, are well taken care of.

Services Offered:

  1. Car Servicing: Nolan Motors provides both major and minor servicing options, adhering to manufacturer specifications. They use original equipment (OE) parts and high-grade oils to maintain vehicle performance and ensure warranty protection. Their state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, similar to those found in main dealer workshops​ (Nolan Motors)​.
  2. Repairs and Maintenance: The garage offers a full range of repair services, including:
    • Gearbox Repairs and Servicing: Comprehensive maintenance for both manual and automatic gearboxes​ (Nolan Motors)​.
    • NCT Inspections and Repairs: Ensuring vehicles meet the National Car Test (NCT) standards.
    • Hybrid & EV Repairs and Servicing: Specialist services for electric and hybrid vehicles​ (Nolan Motors)​​ (Nolan Motors)​.
  3. Specialized Services:
    • Car Diagnostics: Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify and address vehicle issues​ (Nolan Motors)​.
    • Clutch Replacement, Brake Repairs, and Exhaust Services: Ensuring critical vehicle components are functioning optimally.
    • DPF and Fuel System Cleaning: Improving engine performance and efficiency​ (Nolan Motors)​​ (Nolan Motors)​.
  4. Additional Offerings:
    • Car Air Conditioning Services: Maintenance and repair of vehicle air conditioning systems.
    • Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services: Ensuring proper alignment and providing a range of tyre options.
    • Auto Electrics and Battery Services: Addressing electrical issues and providing battery replacements​ (Nolan Motors)​.

Customer Experience: Nolan Motors prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service. They aim to provide affordable, efficient, and friendly service, ensuring customer satisfaction with every visit. The team at Nolan Motors is known for their professionalism and honesty, making them a trusted choice for many car owners in the area​ (Nolan Motors)​.

Booking and Contact: Customers can easily book services or repairs online through the Nolan Motors website or by calling their office. The website also provides detailed information about the various services offered and allows customers to get in touch for any inquiries.

Contact Information:

Nolan Motors continues to be a reliable and preferred car service center in Balbriggan, known for its comprehensive range of services, expert technicians, and commitment to customer satisfaction.