Fairy Bars are a non reusable vape that has hit the vaping market by storm, and has been capturing everybody’s attention ₤ 3.99 per unit. Non reusable vapes are so popular as a result of the reality they need no upkeep, and they come pre-filled with Nicotine Salt E Fluid which supplies pure nicotine into your blood stream over a longer time period – with a much smoother throat hit. An additional reason the Elf Bar disposable has come to be so preferred is since they do not leakage, whatsoever. Paired with insanely poppy flavours, it’s a win for lots of users.

The Elf Bar is a Mouth to Lung tool which resembles the design of smoking cigarettes, it has a wise heating unit and also there’s no buttons. To turn on the device all you require to do is inhale and also off it goes.
Attributes & Requirements
Compact Disposable Kit
600 Puffs Per Bar
Inhale Turned on
20mg Nic Salt
Smooth Throat Struck
2ml of Salt Nicotine E Liquid
Look & Design
The ELF Bar disposable vape shell is a fashionable, lightweight and wonderfully designed disposable pod system that has been getting a great deal of passion in the vaping area. Non reusable vapes are prominent mainly with brand-new vapers that have just recently taken the button from cigarettes to vaping, the pure convenience of simply taking it out of the packaging as well as vaping immediately is incredibly popular.
The ELF Bar has a nice slim body with a slim mouthpiece that’s really comfy to utilize. The body of the vape has a smooth matte coating that really feels fantastic when using as well as surprisingly does not show finger prints. It has a computed 550mAh battery which is all that’s required for this tool. Elf has actually determined just how much battery life is needed, so do not worry you will not lack battery before the juice is completed.

We enjoy that the Elf Bar is colour coded to it’s flavour and there is an incredible amount of flavours to choose from. Elf Bar brings you a whooping 22 different flavours.
Apple Peach – Fresh selected juicy apples as well as delicious ripe peaches
Banana Ice – Ripe tropical bananas with a nice amazing touch of ice.
Blue Razz Lemonade – Traditional fruity flavours including Blue Raspberries scrumptious all-day vape.
Blueberry – Freshly selected blueberries, sweeter than a natural blueberry flavour but not a candy flavour.
Soda – We all recognize what soda pop tastes like and now we have this delightfully amazing cola by Elf Bar
Fairy Floss Ice – Deliciously wonderful and also cool – a rare treat!
Lotion Tobacco – A wonderful as well as mellow tobacco flavour
Grape – A cross in between an all-natural and also a wonderful candy Grape
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava – A tropically inspired experience!
Lychee Ice – Exotic juicy lychee fruit squeezed over a glass of ice, a completely revitalizing vape.
Mango – Deliciously sweet mango which is a cross in between all-natural and a mango gummy sweet
Mango Milk Ice – Tropical wonderful mango combined with luscious milk and completed with an icy touch
Peach Ice – Pleasant peaches finished off with a touch of menthol ice.
Pineapple Peach Mango – Juicy pineapple as well as soft peaches fused with mango to develop a tantalising vape experience
Pink Lemonade – This event preferred mixes timeless lemonade with a fruity spin.
Red Bull Ice – Delight in the vivid as well as tangy taste of a fizzy red energy drink
Spearmint – A delightfully fresh vape with the subtle sweet taste of Spearmint
Strawberry Banana – Ripe strawberries combined with exotic bananas.
Strawberry Ice – Juicy strawberries with a revitalizing touch of ice.
Strawberry Ice Cream – The classic combination of strawberries and cream with the added touch of ice.
Watermelon – A vibrant and exotic flavour of fresh sliced up watermelons rupturing with flavour
Elf Bars are one of the most prominent non reusable vape gadgets as well as once you’ve tried them, it’s not tough to tell why. These pocket-friendly vapes are a wonderful option for any type of smoker that is intending to take the initial steps to become smoke-free however does not intend to drop out on getting a full vape kit, vape coils as well as e liquid, and also getting fluid everywhere!

Like with other disposable vape pens, Fairy Bars are best utilized when using the Mouth to Lung vaping style (likewise referred to as MTL). Due to the Elf Pubs simple vehicle draw attribute, vaping is much easier and more of an all-natural ‘draw’, which would certainly fit an ex-smoker. The automobile draw implies there are no buttons and also no setups to play regarding with, simply inhale and away you go.

The Elf bar specifies that you need to have the ability to obtain 600 puffs out of each Bar! There isn’t a display screen so the only method of recognizing how many smokes you have actually had would certainly be to maintain a tally, though I think it’s risk-free to say, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Though the reported quantity of puffs seem to be in between 500-600, I intend this would certainly rely on each inhale, I personally take a slightly longer pull than what others may so I would anticipate to obtain a little less puffs from it. When I examined the device it lasted me a few days, and also I healed over 500 puffs out of it.

Are Elf Bars Bad For You?
Making Use Of an Elf Bar is no various to any other disposable vape pen or vape kit. Vaping is still a reliable device to give up cigarette smoking as well as it is 95% much less unsafe than smoking. The best thing for any kind of smoker is to consider their health and wellness and stop smoking cigarettes. Without a doubt, among the most vital and spoke about benefits of vaping is that it’s better for your wellness than smoking. There have been lots of studies that prove this along with first-hand accounts of individuals that really feel better when they switch over to vaping from smoking.

Support published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) supports making use of vaping & e-liquids to aid people who are battling to quit smoking cigarettes. This is backed by an evidence testimonial performed by Public Health England (PHE), which located that although not totally safe, vaping is at the very least 95% much less unsafe than smoking.

Finest Elf Bar Flavours
We would certainly enjoy to inform you which ones are the best however this will constantly come down to individual choice. I directly enjoy Tobacco E Liquids as well as The Elf Bar Cream Tobacco tastes remarkable in my point of view but this may not be to someone else’s preference. Again directly I do not like Bananas so it would never appear as a top favourite of mine yet there are lots of personal reviews from clients stating that it’s their favourite of the collection.

The most effective way to figure out the most effective Elf Bar Flavours is to look at each one as well as ensure that the flavour notes for each one are something that you would certainly enjoy. You can likewise make the most of our Multibuy option, this suggests that you can get 20% off when including 4 items. You can choose a few various flavours which means you can learn what you assume is the very best Elf Bar Flavours.

Last Thoughts
The device looks great and also is extremely lightweight, it’s a nice useful vape that can quickly fit in your pocket and also the best option for those that appreciate an evening out without needing to take a large vape set. As we have actually likewise said, these are preferred amongst new vapers as they are very basic to use as well as require no technological experience to use.

The big series of flavours is very excellent as well as I still haven’t taken care of to work my means with every one of them yet the ones I have taste great. The range of flavours is very important as it simply means that you will not suffer from vapers tongue from vaping the very same flavour over and over. With Elf Bar you can find out which ones are your favourite flavour and afterwards you can stock up on a few prepared for your demands.

If you are on the hunt for a new disposable vape pen we would extremely recommend offering the Elf Bar Ireland a go. Allow us recognize your thoughts as well as how you quadrated this gadget.